Saturday, 2 June 2018

Streetbees Review, 87 countries

Streetbees review – 87 countries – Popular in US, India, Brazil, Italy and the UK.

This is a free PayPal cash app, there is Streetbees proof from PayPal posted below. 

How does Streetbees work? It’s a mobile phone application that creates surveys and tasks for you to complete, this includes answering questions and taking photographs. Streetbees states it has 500,000 tasks around the world, some of their tasks don’t pay but they qualify you for paying tasks, so it’s a good idea to interact with them.

Is streetbees legit? Streetbees paid out quite quickly to my Paypal account, I had the money within 24 hours of completing the task. I have seen tasks that pay up to £5 pounds. Although the record for earnings in one day is $1800 dollars, but that was to a streetbees ambassador. Streetbees are serious about their AI business and recently raised 12 million dollars in venture capital to invest. So they are serious about their intent, they also have business links with major companies. 

I have this app installed on my phone and I check it regularly, it’s a great way to top up your income from a job, although their paid tasks have been quite few and far between. This may be down to my demographic and location, another person might have more luck.

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